14 Aprile 2021
Meeting Virtuale

Power Investor Relations & New Market Dynamics


The emergence of a more credible, powerful, and sophisticated investor relations officer is having significant repercussions on companies’ strategies and messaging.

  • Over the past five years alone there has been a fundamental shift in the realisation by a significant number of global companies of the strategic importance which investor relations can have on the reputation and positioning of a company within the financial capital markets. The markets have become acutely aware that investor relations can now have a significant impact not only on the company but the careers of the CEO and other senior management.
  • The IR role has been revolutionised because of the knowledge, understanding and the importance of IR at board level has shifted – those companies who take IR seriously are those whose reputation and share price is much stronger – it’s an easy equation.
    • Coupled with the fact that there has been a significant influx of a more ambitious, sophisticated, financially more credible and strategic IR professional who can operate at board level and who understands what makes an investor move.
  • There are now far more demands on companies from shareholders, activists, and from ESG concerns which every company now needs to engage with. Therefore, a more concerted, strategic, and powerful IR programme needs to be implemented for companies to succeed.
    • IR has been globalised so what you say in Italy can affect your reputation in the US, South America, or Asia in one quick message.
  • IR can no longer be seen as a back office, box ticking function, but one which can fundamentally alter a company’s and senior management’s reputation
  • Because of this significant sophistication of the role and people within it, a number of IROs are now moving into senior leadership roles such as CFO, Heads of Strategy, Directors of Corporate Development or Corporate Affairs and in some cases even a CEO – the role of IR has now become the most exciting and powerful role internally, second only to the CEO and the CFO.
  • This has resulted in a more powerful IRO at the top table and one who is now seen as an important figure in a company’s overall messaging and strategy.


Oskar Yasar

Oskar is regarded as the pre-eminent executive search specialist in the IR markets globally and has persoanally helped to place more than 400 senior IR offices into leadership roles globally. He has nearly 30 years' experience in both investor relations and corporate reputation advisory helping some of the world’s largest companies on their communication to the financial capital markets.

He is the author of two acclaimed reports, From IR to Business Leadership, which charts where we have now come as an industry LINK & The Key Building Blocks to Becoming a Stand-Out IRO LINK

He regularly holds international talks on the transformation of the role of IR and helps boards to visualise the importance of the critical role that IR can now play.


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