ESG Integration Forum Europe

Proud to partner with IR Magazine and Corporate Secretary this year for their virtual ESG Integration Forum - Europe, December 2nd.  

The forum will uncover the underlying factors that have driven the rise of ESG during the pandemic. 
ESG discussions to be centered around:
•    ESG and the earnings call: Integrating long-term thinking into short-term discussions
•    How artificial intelligence is evolving the ESG landscape
•    Covid-19 as a catalyst for better year-round engagement on ESG
•    Standardization developments in ESG ratings and frameworks
•    How corporate boards can navigate climate risks
•    How the future of work will impact ESG integration
•    Materiality matters: Learn how companies in your sector are managing their most relevant ESG risks
•    Social and human capital trends
•    Generating decision useful data for investors
•    Reinventing ESG reporting: A shift from what’s happened to where we’re going
•    And more!

The event will feature discussions between investor relations, governance, risk and compliance experts together to explore the underlying factors that have driven the rise of ESG, deepen shareholder engagement, help companies identify and act on material risks, and better manage shareholder proposals. 

To register, visit the Registration Page