Europe Executive Team Survey



We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Institutional Investor for our 2022 IR Awards. The winners are determined on the basis of the Developed Europe and Emerging EMEA Executive Team Survey carried out by Institutional Investor which deliver the gold standard for independent performance validation. It has been the industry's first-choice and source of qualitative market intelligence for Corporates and Investment Professionals for over 40 years. 

Until 4 April, Corporates are required to complete the Roster & Corporate Insights Survey. Heads of Investor Relations have to SIGN-UP to the platform to proceed to:
1. Verify Company details: add/remove IROs, CEO and CFO, ensuring your details are correct and only market-facing individuals are listed.
2. Complete the Corporate Insights Survey: IR Best Practices & Voting for Buy and Sell-side Firms

We highly encourage our members to complete the Roster & Corporate Insights Survey before 4 April, when Buy and Sell-Side professionals will start their evaluation and voting process for Corporates ending on 15th May.

You can download the Roster and Corporate Insight Guide which includes some useful information about the process.


For questions or comments, please contact:

Amani Korayeim

Director, EMEA – II Research

DL: + 44 207 779 8535 | M: + 44 7973 664 609 I E:

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