About Us

To promote the professional profile of the Investor Relations Officer (IRO) and the quality of financial communication between companies and the Financial Community


Rilancio dell'associazione
Developing and Strengthening the Association

To become a reference point for Investor Relations Officers in Italy, as a professional association to turn to for advice and exchanges of information

Etica professionale degli IRO
Professional Ethics

To promote the adoption of a Code of Conduct governing professional activities, thereby encouraging ethical and professional conduct of Investor Relations Officers that takes into account both Ethical Codes and Corporate Governance principles approved by Market Authorities and Issuing Companies as well as best practices and international standards


To improve the skills — both technical and soft skills — of those engaging in Investor Relations Officers by staging courses delivered in-house and by third parties, encouraging exchanges of opinions and experiences and promoting research and dissemination endeavours pertaining to financial communication and relations with stakeholders

Rappresentatività degli IRO
Representativeness of IROs

To promote the role of IROs and financial culture within corporate organisations, in the financial market and within market regulatory bodies and associations representing financial market participants

Relazioni con associazioni IR estere
Relations with Foreign IR Associations

To promote and extend relations with foreign associations pursuing the same purpose


In addition to defining the corporate purpose and the rules governing the appointment and operation of corporate bodies, the Statute of the Association, together with the Code of Conduct, inspire and guide the implementation of all its activities through the objectives defined thereunder — i.e. promotion of the professional profile of the IRO and the quality of financial communication between Issuing Companies and the Financial Market — and related guidelines


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Code of Conduct

The Association is committed to promoting the professional growth of its members and acts in the broadest interest of all market operators. It welcomes IROs, people with expertise in the field of financial market communication and financial stakeholders in the broadest sense.

A condition for joining the Association is acceptance of the principles of the Code of Conduct, which reflects the Association’s view regarding the standards of conduct to be adopted by all those who engage in Investor Relations activities.


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The Investor Relations Officer (IRO):

  1. Enhance their professional duties with loyalty and fairness towards the Company on behalf of which they work, investors and the media alike
  2. In carrying out their duties, they comply with the highest professional standards, keeping constantly abreast with problems and issues relating to the Company, investors, the reference market and related regulations
  3. Guarantee equal treatment between all investors and stakeholders, ensuring that (i) the different stakeholders are provided with comprehensive, clear and truthful information and (ii) the timing and methods of disclosure are fair. In case of support provided by external service companies, they ensure that any such companies abide by the same rules of conduct and act consistently with this commitment
  4. Refrain from using, for personal gain, any information that has not yet been publicly disclosed, abusing their privileged position
  5. Operate paying special attention to the regulations governing stock markets and collaborate, in agreement with top management, with the Market Authorities

The Board of Directors

The Association is managed by a Board of Directors composed of a number of members between 3 and 11 elected by the General Meeting, which also elects the Chairman, while the Secretary is elected by the Board itself.

Board Members remain in office for 3 years and can be re-elected with no limits.

The Board of Directors is authorised to carry out such acts as may be required to pursue the Association's objectives, such as developing and implementing the Association’s operational programme, establishing any Commissions to launch certain initiatives, preparing the financial statements and convening the General Meeting.

Managing Partner, Arwin&Partners, Membro del CdA, Verianos S.E. e Senior Advisor, Acathia Capital
Honorary Chairman
Head of Investor Relator, Interpump Group
Roberto Giancarlo
Investor Relation Officer, Banco BPM
Head of Investor Relation, Brembo
Corporate Vice President Communication ,
ESG & Investor Relations, Diasorin
Head of Corporate Broking - Investment banking division, Intermonte SIM
Head of Strategic Planning, Snam
Investor Relations and Sustainability Manager, Ferretti Group


General Meeting

The Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting consists of the members in good standing with the membership fees

The Ordinary General Meeting approves the budget and annual accounts, elects the Board of Directors together with its Chairman and the Board of Statutory Auditors, approves the Code of Conduct, establishes the annual membership fee and, lastly, decides on all matters relating to the affairs and development of the Association

The Extraordinary General Meeting decides on any amendments to the Articles of Association, the dissolution of the Association and the assignment of the assets in accordance with the relevant Article

Statutory Auditor

The Statutory Auditor has the task of reviewing the administrative/accounting aspects and participates in the meetings of the Board of Directors. It holds office for 3 years and can be re-elected.