A cookie is a small text file through which short information about a user’s activity on a given website is collected and stored on the device that accessed the website.
Cookies do not damage your device and enable us to ensure a better and faster browsing experience on our Website. Any additional information, such as that which allows us to send you advertising messages, is stored only after you have expressed your consent by simply browsing the Website or through the mechanisms specified below. 


Our Website uses technical cookies and third party cookies.

Technical cookies

Such cookies allow you to access the site features, without which some services would not be accessible (so-called browser and functionality cookies), and enable us to provide you with services after logging in and to remember settings aimed at improving your visit to our Website, for example, by showing you the short cookie policy only the first time you log in. Technical cookies also include cookies we use when you navigate between the various pages of the Website during a browser session to collect information in aggregate form in relation to access to the Website (so-called analytics cookies): thanks to these cookies, we know, in particular, which pages our Users visit and if errors occur during the browsing session. These cookies are used to make statistics on how Users use the Website.
Our Website uses the Google Analytics statistics system we have configured to issue anonymous cookies. Therefore, these cookies do not collect information that could be used for marketing purposes, nor do they keep track of your navigation on the Website as an identified user. For additional information on Google Analytics cookies, please visit the specific section of Google privacy policy.
In addition, our Website further safeguards your privacy through the anonymisation of IP addresses.


Technical name





Functionality cookies

These cookies keep track of whether or not a user has accepted the use of cookies on the website

from 3 months to 1 year


Session cookies

Only for authenticated users (such cookies prevent multiple logins for the same user on one single browser session)

one week


Third party cookies

When you visit a website, you may receive cookies either from the website you visit (“proprietary cookies”) or from websites operated by other organisations (“third party cookies”). A notable example is the presence of “social plugins” for Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. These are parts of the page you visit that are generated directly from the above-mentioned websites and integrated into the page of the host site. Social plugins are mostly used for sharing contents on social networks.
The presence of these plugins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all websites operated by third parties. The management of information collected by “third parties” shall be governed by the relevant policies to which reference must be made.



Technical name




Google Analytics


Analytics cookies

These cookies collect data on user behaviour. This information shall be used to prepare reports for statistical analyses and website improvement. All data shall be collected anonymously.

Six months to two years.
For further information please refer to this page.


To ensure greater transparency and convenience, we report below the web addresses of the various cookie policies.


You may or may not allow the installation of cookies also by using your computer’s functions. However, if you disable one or more cookies, some features of this Website may not work (some cookies are essential to the basic features of the Website). The settings for this choice can be checked and changed in the browser preferences window. Please select the browser you use from the list below in order to receive information on how to change your cookie settings.

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