14 September 2021
Virtual Meeting

The Power of Perception Studies: Expert opinions on best practice

Perception studies play a vital role for investor relations teams, management and boards. They allow analysts and investors to anonymously give their views of a company's equity proposition, management, pipeline, strategy, leadership, financial performance, and investor communications efforts. However, not all perception studies deliver the same quality of information. Understanding what makes a successful perception study is critical into garnering accurate opinions that will correctly influence strategy and communications. In this Q&A session we speak to two perception study experts from CMi2i about how to execute a high quality perception study, and common pitfalls to avoid.

  • Understand the common pitfalls of perception studies
  • Learn top tips for a successful perception study
  • Examine how perception studies work together with the other elements of an IR programme
  • Find out how to best relay perception study results to senior management


  • Nic Bennet, Senior Advisor of Strategic Communications at CMi2i
  • Davide Catto, Director (Italy) at CMi2i

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In collaboration with Cmi2i