16 December 2021
Digital Event

Meeting Investor Needs with Superb IR in 2022

AIR is pleased to announce the event "Meeting Investor Needs with Superdb IR in 2022", organized with Rivel.

AIR 's guest is Ms. Claire Lavery: Claire is the Executive Director for Europe and Asia at Rivel  and works with clients to provide in depth strategic analysis and presents insights and recommendations to senior management teams and boards of directors. Her experience spans a cross section of companies of varying market caps, industries and geographies.

Claire is also a former Board Director of the UK’s IR Society having been with the Society for 8 years, where she also participated in the Society’s Best Practices Committee and Conference Committee.

 Her presentation will touch on: 

•    Current expectations for the equity markets and biggest risks

•    Perspectives on messaging, capital deployment and guidance

•    IR priorities for 2022

•    How IROs should engage the investment community

The event is free of charge upon registration.




In collaoration with Rivel