26 April 2022
Virtual Meeting

The Key Steps to Identifying Hidden Shareholder Risk

AIR is delighted to announce the event "The Key Steps to Identifying Hidden Shareholder Risk" organized in collaboration with CMi2i.

Capital markets intelligence firm, CMi2i, has identified key red flags that indicate shareholder structure risk after analysing thousands of shareholder bases across Italy and Europe. These red flags are key indicators for vulnerability to shareholders, and if used accurately can help to prevent an activist attack or contentious shareholder alliance before one is presented. In this webinar Mark Simms, CEO of CMi2i, will explain what these red flags are, how to identify them, and what to do if you are at risk.

Mark is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CMi2i. For 25 years Mark has specialised in the provision of Capital Markets Intelligence Services, with a focus on unique shareholder and debtholder insights. In addition to founding CMi2i, he founded its predecessor Capital Precision. He was previously CEO of Ilios Europe and has held senior positions within the Investor Relations industry, including at Thomson Financial and ICV Ltd. Mark is a regular speaker at International IR and Banking conferences. He has also been involved in Disclosure Policy, Market Transparency, and Law reviews.

The event is free and subject to registration.



In collaboration with CMi2i