04 February 2021
Digital Event

Institutional Investor’s Europe executive team survey 2021 – process, research methodology and what the ir team needs to do?

Measuring the quality (not quantity) of IR objectively and honestly is a challenge for most Management and IR Teams. Not measuring your engagement effectiveness, leaves you open to poor stock valuation and less in control of your message and market perception.

For over 20 years, Institutional Investor has been conducting an independent research survey with global investment and sell-side professionals to determine the best performing CEOs, CFOs, IROs and IR Programs in Europe. The survey results provide an independent performance validation of the quality and effectiveness of your IR activities and Executives relative to your specific sector and country peers. The market intelligence not only gives the opportunity to identify and recognise best in class, but it also enables IR to deploy these actionable insights to optimise and improve its outreach strategically based on the direct feedback and assessment by specific stakeholder demographics and prospects.

To help you navigate and best prepare your IR Team for the 2021 Europe Executive Team survey, Associazione IR (AIR) in partnership with Institutional Investor, will give you a clear overview of the voting process, methodology, the results and output.



In collaboration with Institutional Investor