17 January 2024
Sala Auditorum del Centro Svizzero in via Palestro, 2, Milano

Crisis Communication: 10 regole per la gestione della crisi

Join us at the first AIR event of the year, as we delve into the essential theme of "Crisis Communication: 10 Rules for Crisis Management." During the event, Dr. Paola Maini, Head of Corporate Communications at B1, and Dr. Elisabetta Cugnasca, Head of IR at Interpump Group S.p.A. and Honorary President of AIR will engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, sharing insights into crisis management theory and providing practical advice based on their extensive professional experience in the field.

The event is organised in collaboration with B1 Consultant Ltd, boasting over 25 years of experience in Roadshow Management and handling complex events in the finance world. 



The event will take place on Wednesday, January 17th, at 12:30 PM, at the Sala Auditorum of the Centro Svizzero in via Palestro 2, Milano and will be followed by lunch. The event will be in Italian. To proceed with registration, please write to segreteria@associazioneir.it

In collaborazione con B1