23 September 2022
Meeting Virtuale

Bilancio ESEF: pianificare il bilancio 2022 sulla base delle esperienze maturate nella redazione del bilancio 2021

2021 annual report was the 1st to be prepared according to the "ESEF - European Single Electronic Format", the new reporting format for consolidated annual reports for European Listed Companies according to Regolamento Delegato 2019/815. After a postponement year due to both pandemic and delays of related implementation rules, the first year of adoption was quite complex; therefore an opportunity to exchange ideas could be useful and interesting to understand past experience and how to approach the 2nd implementation year which foresee extension compared to the 1st one.

With us Mr. Ponghetti - Partner Digital Assurance & Transparency PwC Italia - and Mr. Virguti -  XBRL Italia General Segretary and board member of XBRL Europe - to describe the regulatory and implementation framework. Real life examples would be provided by Mrs. Fortunati - IFRS Consolidated Financial Reporting Director of Campari Group - and Mr. Capponcelli - Consolidated financial statements & Tax Department Director of Gruppo HERA - who will share with us experience developed in their Groups.

More than welcome to our not only IRs but colleagues of Reporting function to further contribute to the ideas exchange.



In collaboration with PwC