26 Gennaio 2023
Evento Digitale

ESG Investor Trends In Italy (FTSE MIB 40) – Winners and Losers 2022

We will explore key ESG Investor Trends, including;

  1. Which sectors and companies are attracting the highest and lowest levels of specialist ESG capital.
  2. Which sectors and companies have grown ESG Investor levels the most in 2022.
  3. Which ESG funds are buying and selling Italian equities.
  4. What is the split between Active and Passive ESG capital by sector and company.
  5. Who are the fund manager decision makers by sector who have the greatest capital to deploy.
  6. How to target these pools of capital.


Patrick Mitchel - Managing Partner, Investor Update

Dominic Watt – Partner, Investor Update



In collaboration with Investor Update