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24 Giugno 2024

ESG Index Tracking Funds (Passive Funds)

We invite you to join us for the upcoming AIR event on the topic "ESG Index Tracking Funds (Passive Funds)", organised in collaboration with Investor Update


Date: Monday, 24th June 2024 

Time: 13:00 CET

Place: Teams Webinar



Dominic Watt - Partner, Business Development at Investor Update

Andrew Archer - Senior Partner - Head of Advisory & Sustainability at Investor Update

Patrick Mitchell - Managing Partner at Investor Update



ESG criteria have become crucial metrics in the investment world. This webinar will delve into the mechanics of ESG Index Tracking Funds, exploring the indices they follow, the metrics that qualify companies for these funds, and the capital flows associated with them.

Deciphering ESG Index Tracking Funds, ESG Indices and 3rd Party ESG Rating Agencies

  • How much capital follows each ESG index?
  • Which Italian companies/sectors attract the largest levels of ESG Index Tracking funds?
  • Which ESG ratings are important, which ones aren't?
  • How can you influence membership?
  • Which ESG Ratings have the most capital associated with them?

ESG Investor Flows – The Facts

  • Total AUM of European Sustainable Funds = $2,490 bn
  • Passive funds represent $800 bn (32%) of Total AUM
  • European Sustainable Funds flows – Q1 2024
    • – In Q1 2024 European sustainable funds attracted $10.9 bn in net inflows.