21 September 2021
Meeting Virtuale

ESG e la Certificazione Diversity & Inclusion per dare evidenza dell’impegno aziendale sulla sostenibilità sociale

The event, led by Mr. Patrick Forestieri, Founder & CEO of Noema HR, will illustrate the opportunity for companies to enhance their commitment to ESG through the new ISO 30415:2021 Diversity & Inclusion Management certification.

This international standard, recognised in 165 countries, allows companies to also certify the Gender Equality of their organisational context. This aspect is particularly interesting in the light of the provisions of the PNRR, i.e. the definition of a National Certification System to encourage companies to adopt appropriate policies to reduce the gender gap.

In particular, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Management in business contexts
  • Advantages of D&I Certification in an ESG logic
  • ISO 30415:2021 standard: requirements
  • Organisational impacts
  • Q&A


In collaboration with Noema Human Resources